I'm a 🇫🇷 Microsoft 365 consultant/architect.

I may be a consultant on Microsoft's collaborative solutions, but I'm first and foremost someone, who has always been passionate about new technologies - the study, design and developing of future solutions which are unique and tailored to each need.


To support and participate in the development of tailored solutions which respond to the expressed needs and to the existing environment… This integration can be realised through a complete solution or through several specific are reusable modules/units.

Create, adapt, validate and integrate a graphic charter corresponding to the visual identity of the company to ensure better adoption of new tools.

Expertise / Skill

To put my expertise to good use, provide a global overview of the existing solutions and technologies to better identify the strategic choices and thus respond to the needs while keeping within the publisher’s / editor’s Roadmap.


To bring in my experience of the risk analysis, the skill/expertise, the social skills, as well as my studies on the impacts, the estimations, the implementation and the efficiency of the solutions to be adopted in the short or long term.

To inform my clients about the exploitation of their environment and the solutions that compose it, the management, the organisation / structure, the strategy and the support in order to take full advantage of them.


You can find some of my knowledge, skills, contributions and solutions through my posts, presentations and source codes.