The aMS community is an international community of professionals working on Microsoft 365 Platform that organizes several events across the world.

This time, it is the opportunity for me to speak at the convention that takes place in Strasbourg (in remote), a city where I spent several years as a student and got my first job as a SharePoint developer. In addition to that, I have the occasion to speak with Fiona Fruhinsholz, a Microsoft 365 consultant, specialized in users adoption, based in Lyon, France.

During this session, we will be presenting "De bonnes pratiques pour rendre SharePoint plus ludique".

Together, we will see feedbacks about governance rules, tricks & tips to apply to your SharePoint environment to help the maintenance and provide the best user experience. Do you know how to manage and organize access to your organization's intranet? What are the rules to link to your content and what are the limitations? and so much more... Functional and technical benefits, we will tell you everything! πŸ˜ƒ

For more information about the sessions and the event, check the official website.

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