I have been working for my clients, my employers, or myself for several years now on solutions, tools that meet functional and technical needs.

Everything I carry out still allows me today to discover, learn a lot of things ... Since it is not always easy to understand, configure, install or implement some solutions, I spent a lot of time to debug, search, again and again, to find a cause and sometimes one or more solutions.

Since each discovery can be reused for other projects, I made sure to put all this information aside in my little OneNote. Most of the time, it saved me a lot of time to not reproduce the same mistakes; however, these notes have never been used and are sometimes even obsolete.

I am pretty sure that today, sharing my knowledge and experiences can also help other people in need and that they will in turn benefit from them; knowing that we were able to help, is always something rewarding.

That is why, I will share on my <img src="https:https://blog.lsonline.fr//blog.l blog, my GitLab server, Twitter, GitHub (rather than gathering dust in my OneNote), all my knowledge, discoveries, and topics I have been able to work on; I am sure, it could help you, enlighten you and I might even (and hopefully) have some feedbacks from you.

I look forward to it

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