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Template Files Popup

Microsoft brought a huge new feature in OneDrive that replaced the "basic" dropdown to create folders, files, etc. with a new modal dialog that affords more capabilities:

  • On the left side, you keep your basic "links" to create folders, files, upload, etc.
  • You can choose where to create the new file 🀯
    • My files: create a new file in your OneDrive
    • Other locations: any SharePoint library that you have access
  • Templates: among the lists of templates provided by Microsoft, select which one you want to use and click "Edit in [...]"


Upgrade Fluent Design

You may have already noticed that some icons in SharePoint were changed. Microsoft is applying the latest version of Fluent Design.


Change Domain Name

Currently the service will have a new domain name at the end of April 2024.
This new domain will be

Microsoft 365

New Apps Launcher

Microsoft change the layout of the App Launcher! Rather than a left panel that takes the whole height of the page, now it is "dialog". This new layout is available for most of the Microsoft 365 web apps.
This dialog brings his little set of cool features:

  • A search bar: my favorite feature, because you don't have to click on Microsoft 365 or Explore all Apps anymore
  • Consistency: The same apps are shown, in the same order, for each user.
  • Create document: if you select from this dialog a type of document, this one will be created directly in your OneDrive


In addition to the new features that allow to add more interactivity with the users:

  • Text inside a video
  • Microsoft Forms

The text inside a video (callout) supports hyperlink


Forms feature

Yes, this feature was announced a couple of times but I was not able to use it before this month. Moreover, I can't see this feature in all Tenants that I have access to.
This is an awesome feature πŸ₯³ you don't have to create a Forms and add a Power Automate to sync answers with your list... thanks to this feature, you just have to create your list, and then, with a simple click in the command bar, create a Forms directly connected to this list πŸš€

I noticed some of the interesting points:

  • All types of fields are not supported (location, image, rating)
  • Forms link is for the organization only (not external/outside organization). In other words, once you choose to share your list through this form, that creates a Sharing Link for all organization
  • You don't have all Forms features (background image, sections, relations between answers)

For more information: Collect information like a pro New Microsoft Lists forms experience in Microsoft 365


Automatic Transcription

Have you already tried to generate transcription from Stream? This feature is really useful if you want to add transcription/caption and translate it later (one of my main use cases is to translate French conversation in English or reverse).
Now, except for A1 or trial Tenant, you don't have to generate the transcription manually; the transcription will be automatically generated once the video is uploaded on SharePoint, Yammer, or

It is possible to disable this behavior by default with PowerShell:

Set-SPOTenant -MediaTranscriptionAutomaticFeatures Disable


New feedback button

Previously visible at the right bottom corner, a button was available to send feedback to Microsoft.
This button was moved to the Microsoft 365 bar. A better place to add this kind of button for Microsoft (I think πŸ‘πŸ»).
It is possible for the users to submit compliments, problems, or suggestions about SharePoint features and functionality to Microsoft πŸš€

And so much new stuff is coming for next month πŸš€

Hoping this post will help you, see you next month... Β πŸ˜‰

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