On your SharePoint pages, using a table of contents can be useful to direct the reader to exactly where they need to be, in addition to making your SharePoint pages more reader-friendly.

Currently, no Out-The-Box WebPart or feature exists to generate a Table Of Contents based on the content of the page. It was already the case for the legacy pages (classic experience) of SharePoint. That is why I created a little script for the classic experience of SharePoint that you can find in my other post:

Create a dynamic Table of Content for your SharePoint Wiki pages
To facilitate the users experience and win in productivity, implement a dynamic and reusable TOC will help users to access directly to the targeted chapter

Because this little script seems to meet your expectation, I think a Table Of Contents for your SharePoint modern pages can be useful too πŸ™‚

Below is a preview of the SharePoint Framework extension from SharePoint Online:

TOC preview

What are the currently supported features:

  1. ApplicationCustomizer
  2. Can be deployed into the whole Tenant
  3. Add a button at the bottom of all pages of the site collection (if at least one header exists on the current page)
  4. When clicking on this button, a right panel will open with all clickable headers
  5. Change button shape
  6. Change button icon
  7. Specify supported headers
  8. Support headers from H2 to H4

How to install this extension

If you want to install this extension for all site collections of your Tenant, the easiest way is to deploy it into your Tenant App Catalog directly.

You can just add the extension with a drag & drop of the package .sppkg into the Apps for SharePoint library or by clicking on Upload.

Once done, a modal will appear to deploy the package. If you want to deploy and enable the extension for all sites collections in your Tenant, check the case "Make this solution available to all sites in the organization" and click Deploy

SharePoint modal to deploy package from App Catalog

Once deployed for all sites, you can go on whatever sites collection with a page with at least one header and you should see something like this:

Default TOC button

If the default configuration is not what you want, you can change:

  • The shape (square or circle)
  • The UI Fabric icon
  • The supported headers (between H2 and H4)

The button uses the primary color of the site theme

If you wish to edit the configuration, you have to go to the "Tenant Wide Extensions" list located in your Tenant Apps Catalog (only available on the Tenant Apps Catalog)

SharePoint Tenant Wide Extensions list located into the Tenant Apps Catalog

Find the item with the Component Id that equals ec4bf35f-7f65-49e7-8b28-c9a59d2d712a:

SharePoint Tenant Wide Extensions list items

Edit the Component Properties of the item like this (for example):

Example of custom configuration

Save the item and go on whatever sites collection and you should see something like this:

Custom TOC button

Table Of Contents repository

Web Part alternatives

If you prefer to use a table of contents as a Web Part, some contributors of PnP have already developed two alternatives:

Hoping this post will help you πŸ˜‰

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