Currently, with the modern experience of SharePoint Online, you can display through the People Web Part some information about selected users of your Tenant.

Each time you want to add, edit or remove people, you have to edit the page, make the change to the Web Part and finally, save the page.

Often, these person represents their own entity, the moderators or leaders of the SharePoint site and often, these people are managed on a SharePoint group to grant them more rights than other users.

What would you say if you could view all members of a SharePoint group on a page? Manage a team in a SharePoint group and highlight the members of that team on a SharePoint page without having to edit the page at each change? Or whatever...

It is a use case I often met, and this Web Part should help you too:

Group People SPFx Web Part

What it can do:

  • From the property pane, you can select one group among available SharePoint groups of the current site
  • From the property pane, you can choose between display the title of the group, display an alternate title, or nothing
  • The Web Part display all members of the selected group like the "compact" layout of the People Web Part of SharePoint
  • The members of the group are displayed in ASC order based on their DisplayName

Group People repository

Hoping this post will help you πŸ˜‰

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