In informatics, you sometimes have to know how many mega-octets equal 629145600 octets.

You can easily find several online converters, but what is a good unit converter?

Do you think 1 giga-octet equals 1 000 mega-octets? That is not totally true 😐

If you have to configure a server that requests the resource (often the RAM = Random Access Memory) and you define it for 1 Go, 1000000000 octets, you will certainly have a surprise...

Because 1 Go = 1024 Mio = 1073741824 octets. Did you see Mio rather than Mo? Mo is the SI Prefix (System of Units) and Mio is the Binary Prefix... This is a big difference in informatics.


For more information about the conversion and more theory, Wikipedia is smarter than me:

Anyway, I often look for an online converter when I need it quickly; when I forget the URL of a good online converter, I have to search again and I recently didn't find my favorite converter anymore 😭

Now, rather than looking for a converter, I created my own one on this post and I think it could be useful to someone else 😇


Hoping this post will help you 😉

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