I recently changed my custom Ghost blog theme based on Casper to Fluent UI. I will explain to you my motivations and what I included in the first version of this theme.

Fluent UI Ghost theme is based on the Microsoft front-end framework and the SharePoint modern site design. This theme provides some similar experiences for Microsoft 365 bloggers who are familiar or experts with the Microsoft environment.

Why I created this theme?

First of all, I chose to create my own theme to handle the integrality of the feature and the code. With my previous theme, to still up to date, each time Casper was updated, if I wanted to have the same features I had to update my theme too. In the case of custom features for my own needs, I had to compose with the original theme.

Moreover, some people that I know said to me "Hey, I am surprised that you are not using SharePoint for your blog"... Yes, I know πŸ˜’

A long time ago, it was possible to have a public site with SharePoint Online but this feature was removed in favor of a custom site hosted by external providers like GoDaddy (you can see more information about that in Microsoft Docs if you wish πŸ˜‰). Another solution consists to install a SharePoint On-Premise, but the cost to host this kind of solution is quite expensive πŸ˜…

Then, I created this theme 😁

What are the features?

Ghost is a very light CMS and it is this point that allows having a performant platform. All additional "features" are mainly provided by the theme.

This theme:

  • Use Microsoft Fluent UI
  • Provides a similar interface to SharePoint Online
  • Includes an Apps Launcher Panel
  • Includes predefined page templates (tags, featured, events)
  • Includes four templates of post (only based on the page header)
  • Supports two search engines (GhostHunter and Elasticsearch)
  • Supports one comments service (Isso)
  • All external links are opened into a new tab automatically


All information about the theme configuration are explained into the Wiki pages of the repository.

For whom is designed this theme?

Mainly for all bloggers who are familiar or experts with the Microsoft environment and who want to share their stories and experiences with everyone.

"Sharing is caring"

Hoping this post will help you πŸ˜‰

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