New month, new features for the Microsoft 365 Collaboration Tools πŸš€

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Sharing Dialog box improvements

The sharing dialog box continues to be improved and this time, we can notice:

  • the new dialog box will be available for external users too
  • the button to share the links by email/Outlook was removed from the footer; the link still exists, you must click on the ellipsis (β‹―) at the top of the dialog box
  • The new interesting thing is the tutorial that any user can launch to see the different features around the modern sharing dialog box
  • Click on the gear just on the right of the Copy link button to change the sharing settings


Interactivity feature

So exciting to see this feature finally available πŸš€πŸ₯³πŸ€©

You can now add during a video:

  • Callout(s)
  • Form(s)

Very useful in addition to Clipchamp! Create awesome and attractive videos, add dynamic callouts hover them, and involve your users with a quiz


Custom Library Templates

As mentioned in November, creating a new document library based on Microsoft Template was possible... The question was: it will be possible to provide the organizational template(s) in the future?
Now we have the answer: Yes πŸš€

A user account with at least a SharePoint administrator role can create an organizational template based on document library templates (based on template ID 101) and list templates (based on template ID 100).

For admin, you can use this cmdlet:

Add-SPOListDesign -Title "LsOnline List Org List Template" -Description "Global List Template" -SiteScripts "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" -ListColor Red -ListIcon BullseyeTarget   

For more information, check the Microsoft documentation:

End users can use this procedure provided by Microsoft:


SharePoint news Templates

Microsoft introduced specific page templates to be able to create compliance-responsive news (information mentioned in my September digest post).
- You can now engage your audience directly in their Outlook for Windows inbox and track their mail reads
- Microsoft extend the with of the news from 600px to 740px


SharePoint Custom Page Templates Picker Tab

Previously, the custom page templates were findable directly under the OOTB ones. Now, you have a From Microsoft tab and a Saved on this site tab.

All custom templates are in the new Saved on this site tab. Moreover, if you defined a custom page Template by default, this new tab will be opened by default rather than the From Microsoft one.

Hoping this post will help you, see you next month... Β πŸ˜‰

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