Jest coupled with Enzyme is certainly the best tool to perform visual/UI tests of your SharePoint solutions. But, if this is the best tool, why using the tools like TestCafé?

You can find additional information about Jest and Enzyme with SharePoint Framework in my posts:

TestCafé is a free, Open Source, and pure Node.js tool to automate end-to-end web testing. It works with any web browser or mobile device and cloud service like BrowserStack and SauceLabs.

If you know Cypress, Testcafé can be a great alternative.

A node.js tool to automate end-to-end web testing | TestCafe
Use TestCafe to write tests in JS or TypeScript, run them and view results. TestCafe runs on Windows, MacOS, and Linux and takes 1 minute to set up.

This kind of End-to-End testing framework allows you to have:

  1. a visual! In my opinion, this is the main reason to choose an e2e Framework versus a Jest + Enzyme. If you need to see the results, check the tests in real-time, take screenshots and record videos automatically, etc.
  2. no isolated tests. Unlike Jest + Enzyme, all the tests are performed directly on the platform (a SharePoint site in our case).
    That means that you can ensure the behavior of your component match with the SharePoint interface rather than isolated tests

In conclusion, this kind of framework can be really useful and helpful to validate or debug the UI of your solution.

Personally, I will include granularly these tests via Testcafé in my existing and new SharePoint Framework solutions 👨🏼‍💻


The e2e tests do not realize a code coverage. If you want a code coverage, you can use the e2e tests and the Jest framework.

How to Install TestCafé into your SPFx Project

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