This year and for the first time, I have the opportunity to speak at the CollabDays and I will be presenting "Automatiser vos tests fonctionnels, une affaire pas bien compliquée".

During this presentation, I will show you why it is important to automatize functional tests and, thanks to TestCafé, how you can create and launch them.

End-to-end tests do not necessarily mean "we are developing something that we want to ensure is working" - this kind of test can be useful when you want to ensure your SharePoint configuration is still working, ensure the data audience and the security accesses for some users, the Web Part behavior in accordance with the quantity of data, performances,  etc.

You can choose to use someone to perform the tests based on a table (Excel file, SharePoint list, text file, etc.), check them, add screenshot(s) and comment(s), or create a bench test that you can launch automatically with no really advanced knowledge in development.

The CollabDays will take place on April 28th. Do not hesitate to register for the event here, it's free - the places are limited 😉.

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